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Bilal Philips is a Jamaica-born Canadian Islamic teacher, speaker, author, founder and chancellor of the International Open University, who lives in Qatar. He has written, translated and commented on over 50 Islamic books and has appeared or presented on numerous national and satellite television channels, including Saudi TV, Sharjah TV, Ajman TV, Islam Channel, Huda TV, and Peace TV.

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How old is Bilal Philips?

He is 76 years 11 Month(s) 8 day(s) old.

How tall is Bilal Philips?

He is 7 feet 0 inches tall.

Bilal Philips Biography and Wiki:

He is a professional Canadian Islamic Speaker, Islamic Scholar, author. His nickname is Philips. Do you know? What is the Date of birth of Bilal Philips? Where was born Bilal Philips? He was born in Kingston, Jamaica on 17 July, 1947 (Thursday) . Everybody want to know that how much age of Bilal Philips? Age of Bilal Philips is 76 years 11 Month(s) 8 day(s) old. Every person searched that what is the Country, Nationality and Continent of Bilal Philips? His Country name is Canada, Nationality is Canadian and Americas Continent. Always came question from mind that What religion does Bilal Philips belong to? He belong to Islam Religion.

Bilal Philips Height , Weight and Physical Stats:

Do you want to know about Physical Stats of Bilal Philips? Then here is the right information for you. The Height of Bilal Philips is 7 feet 0 inches & Weight is 70 Kg. Also His eye color is Dark. & hair color is Black.

Bilal Philips Education:

Most of the people search on google for Where studied Bilal Philips? Bilal Philips studied from universitiy- Islamic University of Medina (B.A.), King Saud University (M.A.), University of Wales (Ph.D). What is Educational Qualification of Bilal Philips? So for your kind information, His Educational Qualification is completed B.A. degree, M.A. in ʿAqīdah (Islamic Theology) & PhD thesis, Exorcism in Islam.

Bilal Philips Relationship status:

So If you need to know marital status of Bilal Philips, He got married .

Bilal Philips Net worth & Luxury:

The most valuable thing, which you must need to know the Bilal Philips Net Worth & Luxury information. According to our analysis, Wikipedia, Forbes & Business Insider: The Net Worth of Bilal Philips is around 5 to 10 Million US dollars. Check the below table for more details about His Luxury information.


  • 1985: The Mirage in Iran, Abul Qasim Publications
  • 1987: The Quran's Numerical Miracle: Hoax and Heresy, Abul Qasim Publications
  • 1988: The Ansar Cult in America, Tawheed Publications
  • 1989: Ibn Taymeeyah's Essay on The Jinn (Demons), International Islamic Publishing House (IIPH)
  • 1990: Islamic Studies Book 1, Al Hidaayah Publishing / IIPH
  • 1990: Polygamy in Islaam, IIPH
  • 1990: Salvation Through Repentance, IIPH
  • 1990: Tafseer Soorah al-Hujuraat, IIPH
  • 1990: The Evolution of Fiqh (Islamic Law & The Madh-habs), Tawheed Publications / IIPH
  • 1990: The Fundamentals of Tawheed (Islamic Monotheism), IIPH / Al Hidaayah Publishing
  • 1994: The True Religion of God, Dar Al Fatah
  • 1995: Arabic Reading and Writing Made Easy, Dar Al Fatah
  • 1995: Hajj and 'Umrah, IIPH
  • 1996: Dream Interpretation, Dar Al Fatah
  • 1996: Funeral Rites In Islam, Dar Al Fathah
  • 1996: Ibn al-Jawzee's, The Devil's Deception, Al Hidaayah Publishing
  • 1996: Islamic Rules on Menstruation & Post-Natal Bleeding, Dar Al Fatah / IIPH
  • 1996: Islamic Studies Book 2, Al Hidaayah Publishing / IIPH
  • 1996: The Best In Islam, Dar Al Fatah
  • 1996: The True Message of Jesus Christ, Dar Al Fatah / IIPH
  • 1997: Islamic Studies Book 3, Al Hidaayah Publishing / IIPH
  • 1997: Arabic Grammar Made Easy Book 1, Dar Al Fatah
  • 1997: The Exorcist Tradition in Islam, Dar Al Fatah / Al Hidaayah Publishing
  • 1997: The Purpose of Creation, Dar Al Fatah / IIPH
  • 1997: Usool at-Tafseer, Dar Al Fatah / IIPH
  • 2001: Did God Become Man?
  • 2001: Islamic Studies Book 4, Al Hidaayah Publishing / IIPH
  • 2002: A Commentary on Ibn Qudaamah's Radiance of Faith
  • 2003: A Commentary on The Book of Monotheism
  • 2003: The Clash of Civilizations: An Islamic View, Al Hidaayah Publishing
  • 2003: The Foundations of Islamic Studies
  • 2003: The Moral Foundations of Islamic Culture
  • 2003: Usool al-Hadeeth: The Methodology of Hadeeth Evaluation, IIPH
  • 2003: Usool al-Fiqh: The Methodology of Islamic Law Made Easy
  • 2008: A Commentary on Surah Al-Mulk, Al Hidaayah Publishing
  • 2008: A Commentary on Surah Al-Buruj, Al Hidaayah Publishing
  • 2011: A Commentary on Ibn Taymiyyah's Essay on the Heart, Dakwah Corner Bookstore
  • 2022: Tafsir Surah Ya-Seen, Dakwah Corner Bookstore

Bilal Philips Social Media:

Many people finding that what is the real link of Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ) of Bilal Philips. Following table given His all real social media links.


What is the profession of Bilal Philips?

His profession is Islamic Speaker, Islamic Scholar, author.

What is the real name of Bilal Philips?

His real name is Dr Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips.

Where was Bilal Philips Born?

He was born in Kingston, Jamaica.

What is the Date of Birth of Bilal Philips?

The date of birth is 17 July, 1947 (Thursday) of Bilal Philips.