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Don Sundquist was an American businessman and politician who served as the 47th Governor of Tennessee from 1995 to 2003. Prior to his governorship, he represented Tennessee's 7th congressional district in the United States House of Representatives from 1983 to 1995. He was a member of the Republican Party.

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How old was Don Sundquist?

He was 87 years 5 Month(s) 12 day(s) old.

Don Sundquist Biography and Wiki:

He was a professional American Politician. His nickname was Don Sundquist. Do you know? What was the Date of birth of Don Sundquist? Where was born Don Sundquist? He was born in Moline, Illinois, U.S. on 15 March, 1936 (Sunday) . When die Don Sundquist? Where die Don Sundquist? How died Don Sundquist? He died at Memphis, Tennessee, U.S. on 27 August, 2023 (Sunday) for surgery and a short illness. Everybody want to know that how much age of Don Sundquist? Age of Don Sundquist was 87 years 5 Month(s) 12 day(s) old. Every person searched that what is the Country, Nationality and Continent of Don Sundquist? His Country name was United States, Nationality was American and Americas Continent. Always came question from mind that What religion does Don Sundquist belong to? He belong to Christian Religion.

Don Sundquist Education:

Most of the people search on google for Where studied Don Sundquist? Don Sundquist studied from school- Moline High School; college- Augustana College ; . What is Educational Qualification of Don Sundquist? So for your kind information, His Educational Qualification was graduated with B.A. in Business Administration.

Don Sundquist Family & Relationship status:

As a Celebrity, many people search on google for His family information. So His father name was Kenneth & mother name was Louise (Rohren) Sundquist. Also Don Sundquist brother(s) name was Ted (Shirley) If you need to know marital status of Don Sundquist, He got married . His wife name was Martha Swanson ​(m. 1959). Also Don Sundquist son(s) name was Donald Sundquist, Jr. and daughter(s) name was Andrea Jeannet & Tania Williamson.

Don Sundquist Net worth & Luxury:

The most valuable thing, which you must need to know the Don Sundquist Net Worth & Luxury information. According to our analysis, Wikipedia, Forbes & Business Insider: The Net Worth of Don Sundquist was around 3 to 5 Million US dollars. Check the below table for more details about His Luxury information.

Governor of Tennessee

First term

In 1994, Sundquist ran for governor of Tennessee in the race to replace the Democratic incumbent, Ned McWherter, who was term-limited. He easily won the nomination, winning over 80% of the vote in the primary, and faced the Democratic nominee, Nashville mayor Phil Bredesen, in the general election. Bredesen criticized Sundquist for voting against a minimum wage increase while voting for a congressional pay raise. Sundquist accused Bredesen of flip-flopping on issues such as public funding for abortion and school privatization. On election day, Sundquist won, 807,104 votes to 664,252.

During his first term, Sundquist focused on government efficiency and welfare reform. He signed the "Families First" bill in 1996, which reduced the number of families on welfare from 70,000 to 30,000. He also signed a series of crime-related measures which called for tougher sentences and more focus on victims' rights. In 1996, Sundquist eliminated the state's scandal-ridden Public Service Commission, replacing it with the Tennessee Regulatory Authority. That same year, he created the Department of Children's Services.

Second term

In 1998, Sundquist easily won renomination, defeating Memphis realtor Shirley Beck-Vosse, 258,786 votes to 28,951. In the general election, he easily defeated his Democratic opponent, John Jay Hooker, 669,973 votes to 287,790. Shortly after winning reelection in November 1998, Sundquist implemented the ConnectTen program, which made Tennessee the first state in the nation to connect its schools and libraries to the Internet.

During his second term, Sundquist set out to raise more revenue for the state, which had traditionally been one of the lowest-tax jurisdictions in the country. He was concerned that the sales tax, which the state relied upon for much of its revenue, was too unstable, and prevented the state from competing with other Southern states in education and infrastructure. His tax reform plan therefore included a state income tax, the proposal of which had long been a third rail in Tennessee state politics. Many of his political allies turned against him, and anti-income tax street demonstrations were held in Nashville. In July 2001, demonstrators vandalized Sundquist's office, and broke windows in the state capitol when the legislature was considering the income tax measure.


In 2002, toward the end of Sundquist's second term, a Nashville television station, NewsChannel 5, uncovered evidence businesses owned by Sundquist's friends were illegally given no-bid contracts by the state. In December of that year, the FBI raided the offices of Education Networks of America (ENA), founded by Sundquist's friend, Al Ganier, as part of an investigation into whether or not Ganier used his relationship with Sundquist to obtain millions of dollars worth of state contracts (including the ConnectTenn contract). Ganier eventually pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of unauthorized use of a computer.

In May 2004, a Labor Department employee, Joanna Ediger, was convicted of rigging a $2 million state contract for Workforce Strategists, a company owned by another Sundquist friend, John Stamps. The following year, Stamps pleaded guilty to four counts of tax evasion and one count of making false statements. U.S. District Judge Karl Forester said Sundquist was the "impetus" for the investigations, although he was never implicated in any wrongdoing, nor were any senior members of his administration.

In July 2005, Sundquist was named head of a national panel on improving Medicaid. The panel was appointed by HHS Secretary Michael Leavitt.

He served as state vice chair of the John McCain presidential campaign team in 2008.

Lobbying career

After leaving office, he became a lobbyist and worked for the firm he co-founded, Sundquist Anthony, now known as the Sundquist Group.


Sundquist's papers are archived at the University of Tennessee Libraries


Order of the Rising Sun, 2nd Class, Gold and Silver Star (2018)


What was the profession of Don Sundquist?

His profession was Politician.

What was the real name of Don Sundquist?

His real name was Donald Kenneth Sundquist.

Where was Don Sundquist Born?

He was born in Moline, Illinois, U.S..

What was the Date of Death of Don Sundquist?

The date of death was 27 August, 2023 (Sunday) of Don Sundquist.

What was the death of cause of Don Sundquist?

Don Sundquist death of cause was surgery and a short illness.

What was the Date of Birth of Don Sundquist?

The date of birth was 15 March, 1936 (Sunday) of Don Sundquist.

Who are parents of Don Sundquist?

His parents are Kenneth & Louise (Rohren) Sundquist

Who are siblings of Don Sundquist?

His siblings are Ted (Shirley)

Who was wife of Don Sundquist?

His wife name was Martha Swanson ​(m. 1959).

Who are childrens of Don Sundquist?

His childrens are Donald Sundquist, Jr. & Andrea Jeannet & Tania Williamson