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Jackson Anthony was a actor in Sri Lankan cinema, theater and television. One of the most popular artists in Sri Lanka, Anthony won the award for the Best Actor for record sixteen times. Primarily active as an actor all three media, he has appeared before the public in versatile forms; director, producer, singer, screenwriter, television host, novelist, columnist, lyricist, historian and traveller.

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How old was Jackson Anthony?

He was 65 years 3 Month(s) 1 day(s) old.

Jackson Anthony Biography and Wiki:

He was a professional Sri Lankan Actor, Screenwriter, Historian. His nickname was Malsi. Do you know? What was the Date of birth of Jackson Anthony? Where was born Jackson Anthony? He was born in Ragama, Sri Lanka on 08 July, 1958 (Tuesday) . When die Jackson Anthony? Where die Jackson Anthony? How died Jackson Anthony? He died at Thalawa in Anuradhapura on 09 October, 2023 (Monday) for Road Accident. Everybody want to know that how much age of Jackson Anthony? Age of Jackson Anthony was 65 years 3 Month(s) 1 day(s) old. Every person searched that what is the Country, Nationality and Continent of Jackson Anthony? His Country name was Sri Lanka, Nationality was Sri Lankan and Asia Continent. Always came question from mind that What religion does Jackson Anthony belong to? He belong to Catholic Religion.

Jackson Anthony Education:

Most of the people search on google for Where studied Jackson Anthony? Jackson Anthony studied from college- Galahitiyawa Central College ; universitiy- University of Colombo, University of Sri Jayewardenepura. What is Educational Qualification of Jackson Anthony? So for your kind information, His Educational Qualification was completed honors degree in Sinhala language and Literature.

Jackson Anthony Family & Relationship status:

As a Celebrity, many people search on google for His family information. So His father name was Konganige Benedict Anthony & mother name was Rolin Perera. Also Jackson Anthony brother(s) name was Senaka Titus Anthony, Sudath Anthony, Saman Anthony and Mohan Anthony If you need to know marital status of Jackson Anthony, He got married . His wife name was Kumari Sandalatha Munasinghe. Also Jackson Anthony son(s) name was Sajitha Anthony, Akila Dhanuddara and daughter(s) name was Madhavee Wathsala Anthony.

Jackson Anthony Net worth & Luxury:

The most valuable thing, which you must need to know the Jackson Anthony Net Worth & Luxury information. According to our analysis, Wikipedia, Forbes & Business Insider: The Net Worth of Jackson Anthony was around 1 to 2 Million US dollars. Check the below table for more details about His Luxury information.

Drama career

He acted extensively in several stage dramas in university stage. Then he performed in the Neville Dias Subasinghe's Vaaruwen Yana Minissu and Manavayo as well as E. M. D. Upali's Methanin Maruwenu. Then he performed in many popular stage plays such as Marasad, Madhura Jawanika, Loma Hansa, Dhawala Beeshana, Ath, Mora and Tharavo Igilethi brought him island wide recognition in the field of cinema. He was also the Best Actor at the National Drama Festival.

In 1993 he came to film industry. Having acted in Guru Gedara, Chitti, Ayoma and Loku Duwa, in his initial days, Jackson went on to prove his status in films like Bawa Duka, Bawa Karma, Gini Awi Saha Gini Keli, Aswesuma, Agni Dahaya, Sooriya Arana, Mille Soya and Randiya Dahara. In the meantime, he came to terms with television as well. These fields helped him establish his own identity as an actor. Some of his most popular television roles came through the serials: Palingu Manike, Ella Langa Walawwa, Suseema, Weda Hamine, Kadulla, Pitagamgarayo and Akala Sandya. Of these, he won the award for the Best Actor at the Sumathi Awards for his performance in the serial Pitagamkarayo. In the movie Tharanaya, he played the role of a train man named "Thangappan" and practiced dark magic. He learned low country dance from Sedaraman Gurunnance of Handapangoda for his performance in the film Bawa Duka. He learned the difference between a hunter and a shooter while acting for the film Sooriya Arana.

In 1992, he directed his maiden teledrama Esala Kaluwara. In 1990, a drama festival called 'Bhumika 7' featured seven of Anthony's best plays which allowed scholarly fans to experience Jackson's wide range of theatrics. Then in 2014, he made second teledrama direction Daskon which later won several awards at several local award festivals.[9] During his acting career he has garnered more than 20 Best Actor Awards at local award ceremonies such as Sarasavi Awards, Presidential Awards and OCIC Awards.

He has also directed several blockbuster Sri Lankan films. His directorial debut, Julietge Bhumikawa won him the award for the Most Promising Director at the Critics' Awards Ceremony. Paradeesaya was another film directed by him which was critically acclaimed. His direction Aba, allegedly an expensive movie have been made in Sri Lanka has been awarded in many film festivals. He won award for the Best Actor in Derana Film Awards 2015 for the film Address Na, which was directed by him. In 2017, he joined with a Kerala cinema production Lucknow directed by Anil Kumar along with another Sri Lankan Piumi Hansamali.

Stage drama

  • Bera Handa
  • Ath
  • Oththukaraya
  • Methanin Maruwenu
  • Lomahansa
  • Tharavo Igilethi
  • Madhura Javanika
  • Maha Samayama
  • Dhawala Bheeshana


  • Sithe Susum Niwana Gayana performed with Clarence Wijewardena
  • Dasa Piya Gath Kala Mata performed with Clarence Wijewardena
  • Lande Ukula Uda performed with wife Kumari Munasinghe
  • Bandara Deiyo Tele Drama theme Song
  • Dewathawan sithana dewal performed with Clarence Wijewardena
  • Ra Ra Tharakawo performed with Clarence Wijewardena
  • Ahasa Polowa Uhulanawalu with his family members

Other careers

He was the Winner of the Peoples' award for the best artist at the Awards Ceremony of the Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM) 2007. Jackson Anthony served as the Creative Director of Swarnavahini in early 2000s and produced popular musical program Hapan Padura. He is acclaimed for his concept and presentation of Maha Sinhalaye Vansa Kathawa (translated as The Chronicle of the Great Sinhalese) and Maha Sinhalaye Yatath Vijitha Vansa Kathawa, telecast through Swarnavahini for several years.[12] Other popular programs created by him include exploratory programs like Awaare Siripa, Ganga Dige, an exploration of the water bodies in the island around Mahaweli River),[13] Roma Puranaya, a travel program revealing the history and civilization of Italy and Salang Hanthe, a travel program revealing the history and civilization of Lesotho).

In addition cinema, he worked with Clarence Wijewardena; one of the most respected Sri Lankan musicians in Sinhalese music, as a supporting singer for a Sinhala teledrama called Suseema. He sang two popular songs with Clarence, Sithe Susum and Desa Piya Gathkala.

He is one of three judges of Sri Lanka's Got Talent reality program, which is telecast on Sirasa TV. In January 2020, he launched his book Kanda Uda Gindara. On 22 July 2020, he started the second travelling documentary along the Kalu Ganga titled Kalu Ganga Dige.


On 2 July 2022, he along with his younger brother Saman Anthony and a friend had been hospitalized following an accident at Thalawa in Anuradhapura after the vehicle they were travelling in collided with a wild elephant at Thalawa. The incident took place when he was returning in his personal vehicle after taking part in the shooting of the movie Singhabahu directed by Dr. Somaratne Dissanayake. He was admitted to the Anuradhapura Teaching Hospital on the same day and to the Emergency Department of the Colombo National Hospital on the morning of July 3. At the Colombo National hospital, he underwent a seven-hour surgery in the intensive care unit and has been hospitalised since.

Jackson Anthony Social Media:

Many people finding that what was the real link of Social Media ( Instagram ) of Jackson Anthony. Following table given His all real social media links.


What was the profession of Jackson Anthony?

His profession was Actor, Screenwriter, Historian.

What was the real name of Jackson Anthony?

His real name was Conganige Joseph Malsi Jackson Anthony.

Where was Jackson Anthony Born?

He was born in Ragama, Sri Lanka.

What was the Date of Death of Jackson Anthony?

The date of death was 09 October, 2023 (Monday) of Jackson Anthony.

What was the death of cause of Jackson Anthony?

Jackson Anthony death of cause was Road Accident.

What was the Date of Birth of Jackson Anthony?

The date of birth was 08 July, 1958 (Tuesday) of Jackson Anthony.

Who are parents of Jackson Anthony?

His parents are Konganige Benedict Anthony & Rolin Perera

Who are siblings of Jackson Anthony?

His siblings are Senaka Titus Anthony, Sudath Anthony, Saman Anthony and Mohan Anthony

Who was wife of Jackson Anthony?

His wife name was Kumari Sandalatha Munasinghe.

Who are childrens of Jackson Anthony?

His childrens are Sajitha Anthony, Akila Dhanuddara & Madhavee Wathsala Anthony

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