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John Stanley Marshall was an English drummer and founding member of the jazz rock band Nucleus. From 1972 to 1978, he was the drummer for Soft Machine, replacing Phil Howard when he joined.

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How old was John Marshall?

He was 82 years 0 Month(s) 19 day(s) old.

John Marshall Biography and Wiki:

He was a professional British Drummer, Jazz Musician, Percussionist. His nickname was Marshall. Do you know? What was the Date of birth of John Marshall? Where was born John Marshall? He was born in Isleworth, United Kingdom on 28 August, 1941 (Thursday) . When die John Marshall? Where die John Marshall? How died John Marshall? He died at South London, UK on 16 September, 2023 (Saturday) for accidental drowning. Everybody want to know that how much age of John Marshall? Age of John Marshall was 82 years 0 Month(s) 19 day(s) old. Every person searched that what is the Country, Nationality and Continent of John Marshall? His Country name was United Kingdom, Nationality was British and Europe Continent. Always came question from mind that What religion does John Marshall belong to? He belong to Christianity Religion.

John Marshall Education:

Most of the people search on google for Where studied John Marshall? John Marshall studied from universitiy- New York University. What is Educational Qualification of John Marshall? So for your kind information, His Educational Qualification was completed Degree in Religious Literature.

John Marshall Relationship status:

So If you need to know marital status of John Marshall, He got married .

John Marshall Net worth & Luxury:

The most valuable thing, which you must need to know the John Marshall Net Worth & Luxury information. According to our analysis, Wikipedia, Forbes & Business Insider: The Net Worth of John Marshall was around 2 to 5 Million US dollars. Check the below table for more details about His Luxury information.


He worked with various jazz and rock bands and musicians, among them J. J. Jackson, Allan Holdsworth, Barney Kessel, Alexis Korner, Graham Collier, Michael Gibbs, Arthur Brown, Keith Tippett, Centipede, Jack Bruce, John McLaughlin, Dick Morrissey, Hugh Hopper, Elton Dean, John Surman, Charlie Mariano, John Abercrombie, Arild Andersen, and Eberhard Weber's Colours.

From 1999, he worked with former Soft Machine co-musicians in several Soft Machine-related projects like SoftWare, SoftWorks and Soft Machine Legacy. He toured as a member of the band, which operated under the names Soft Machine again, from 2015 to 2023.


with Nucleus

  • Elastic Rock (1970, Vertigo)
  • We'll Talk About It Later (1971, Vertigo)
  • Solar Plexus (1971, Vertigo)
  • Live at Theaterhaus (1985, Mood)
  • Ian Carr: Old Heartland (1988, EMI)

with Soft Machine


  • Fifth (1972, CBS)
  • Six (1973, CBS)
  • Seven (1973, CBS)
  • Bundles (1975, Harvest)
  • Softs (1976, Harvest)
  • Land of Cockayne (1981, EMI)
  • Abracadabra (as Soft Works) (2003, Tone Center, MoonJune Records)
  • Soft Machine Legacy (as Soft Machine Legacy) (2006, Moonjune Records)
  • Steam (as Soft Machine Legacy) (2007, Moonjune Records)
  • Burden of Proof (as Soft Machine Legacy) (2013,Moonjune Records)
  • Hidden Details (2018, Moonjune Records)
  • Other Doors (2023, Moonjune Records)


  • NDR Jazz Workshop - Live (1973, Cuneiform)
  • Switzerland Live (recorded 1974, released 2015, Cuneiform)
  • Floating World Live (recorded 1975, released 2006, Moonjune Records)
  • British Tour '75 (recorded 1975, released 2005, Major League Productions)
  • Alive & Well: Recorded in Paris (1978, Harvest)
  • BBC Radio 1 Live in Concert [rec.1972] (1994, Windsong)
  • Live in France [recorded 1972] (1994, One Way)
  • Live in Zaandam (as Soft Machine Legacy) (2005, Moonjune Records)
  • Live At The New Morning (as Soft Machine Legacy) (2006, in-akustik)
  • Live Adventures (as Soft Machine Legacy) (2010, Moonjune Records)
  • Live at the Baked Potato (2019, Moonjune Records)
  • Abracadabra In Osaka (as Soft Works) (2020, Moonjune Records)

with Eberhard Weber's Colours

  • Silent Feet (ECM, 1977)
  • Pop Jazz International (Amiga, 1979)
  • Little Movements (ECM, 1980)

with Centipede

Septober Energy (Neon/RCA, 1971)

As sideman

With Jack Bruce

  • Songs for a Tailor (Polydor Records, 1969)
  • Harmony Row (Atco, 1971)

With John Surman

  • Conflagration (Dawn, 1971)
  • Morning Glory (Island, 1973)
  • The Brass Project (ECM, 1992)
  • Stranger than Fiction (ECM, 1993)

With Vassilis Tsabropoulos

Achirana (ECM, 1999)

With others

  • Graham Collier/Deep Dark Blue Centre (1967, Deram)
  • Michael Garrick/Jazz Praises at St Paul's (1968, Airborne)
  • Barney Kessel/Blue Soul (1968, Black Lion)
  • Barney Kessel/Swinging Easy (1968, Black Lion)
  • Graham Collier/Down Another Road (1969, Fontana)
  • Neil Ardley/Greek Variations (1969, Columbia)
  • Jack Bruce/Songs for a Tailor (1969, Polydor)
  • Michael Gibbs/Michael Gibbs (1969, Deram)
  • Mike Westbrook/Marching Song Vol. I & II (1969, Deram)
  • Georgie Fame/Seventh Son (1969, CBS)
  • Arthur Brown/Crazy World of Arthur Brown (1969, Track)
  • Indo-Jazz Fusions/Etudes (1969, Sonet)
  • Lloyd Webber/Rice/Jesus Christ Superstar (1970, Decca)
  • Bill Fay/Bill Fay (1970, Deram)
  • Mike d'Abo/Michael D'Abo (1970, Uni)
  • Chris Spedding/Songs Without Words (1970, Harvest)
  • Top Topham/Ascension Heights (1970, Blue Horizon)
  • Michael Gibbs/Tanglewood '63 (1970, Deram)
  • Chitinous Ensemble/Chitinous Ensemble (1971, Deram)
  • Linda Hoyle/Pieces of Me (1971, Vertigo)
  • Spontaneous Music Orchestra/Live: Big Band/Quartet (1971, Vinyl)
  • Mike Westbrook/Metropolis (1971, RCA)
  • Centipede/Septober Energy (1971, Neo)
  • Michael Gibbs/Just Ahead (1972, Polydor)
  • Alexis Korner/Bootleg Him (1972, Rak Srak)
  • Volker Kriegel/Inside:The Missing Link (1972, MPS)
  • Hugh Hopper/1984 (1973, CBS)
  • John Williams/Height Below (1973, Hi Fly)
  • Volker Kriegel/Lift (1973, MPS)
  • Pork Pie (Van 't Hof. Mariano, Catherine, Marshall)/The Door is Open (1975, MPS)
  • Charlie Mariano/HelenTwelveTrees (1976, MPS)
  • Elton Dean & Alan Skidmore/El Skid (1977, Vinyl)
  • Jasper van 't Hof & George Gruntz/Fairy Tales (1978, MPS)
  • Gil Evans/The British Orchestra (1983, Mole)
  • Uli Beckerhoff, Jasper van 't Hof, John Marshall/Camporondo (1986, Nabel)
  • Uli Beckerhoff, John Abercrombie, Arild Andersen, John Marshall/Secret Obsession (1991, Nabel)
  • Wolfgang Mirbach/Links (1992, Schlozzton)
  • Towering Inferno/Kaddish (1993, Tl Records)
  • Michael Gibbs/By The Way (1994, Ah Um)
  • Theo Travis/View From The Edge (1994, 33 Records)
  • Jandl/Glawischnig/Laut & Luise (1995, Hat Hut/Du)
  • Graham Collier/Charles River Fragments (1995, Boathouse)
  • Mirbach/Links/New Reasons to Use Old Words (1995, Schlozzton)
  • Jack Bruce & Friends/Live in Concert [rec.1971] (1995, Windsong)
  • Christoph Oeding/Taking a Chance (1997, Mons)
  • Marshall Travis Wood/Bodywork (1998, 33 Records)
  • Roy Powell/North by Northwest (1998, released 2001, Nagel-Heyer)


What was the profession of John Marshall?

His profession was Drummer, Jazz Musician, Percussionist.

What was the real name of John Marshall?

His real name was John Stanley Marshall.

Where was John Marshall Born?

He was born in Isleworth, United Kingdom.

What was the Date of Death of John Marshall?

The date of death was 16 September, 2023 (Saturday) of John Marshall.

What was the death of cause of John Marshall?

John Marshall death of cause was accidental drowning.

What was the Date of Birth of John Marshall?

The date of birth was 28 August, 1941 (Thursday) of John Marshall.