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László Sólyom was a Hungarian political figure, lawyer, and librarian who was President of Hungary from 2005 until 2010. Previously he was Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court of Hungary from 1990 to 1998.

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How old was László Sólyom?

He was 81 years 9 Month(s) 5 day(s) old.

László Sólyom Biography and Wiki:

He was a professional Hungarian, Magyar Politician, Lawyer, Librarian. His nickname was László. Do you know? What was the Date of birth of László Sólyom? Where was born László Sólyom? He was born in Pécs, Hungary on 03 January, 1942 (Saturday) . When die László Sólyom? Where die László Sólyom? How died László Sólyom? He died at Hungary on 08 October, 2023 (Sunday) for after a long illness. Everybody want to know that how much age of László Sólyom? Age of László Sólyom was 81 years 9 Month(s) 5 day(s) old. Every person searched that what is the Country, Nationality and Continent of László Sólyom? His Country name was Hungary, Nationality was Hungarian, Magyar and Europe Continent. Always came question from mind that What religion does László Sólyom belong to? He belong to Christianity Religion.

László Sólyom Education:

Most of the people search on google for Where studied László Sólyom? László Sólyom studied from universitiy- University of Pécs. What is Educational Qualification of László Sólyom? So for your kind information, His Educational Qualification was graduated with law.

László Sólyom Family & Relationship status:

As a Celebrity, many people search on google for His family information. So His father name was Ferenc Sólyom & mother name was Aranka Lelkes. If you need to know marital status of László Sólyom, He got married . His wife name was Erzsébet Sólyom. Also László Sólyom son(s) name was Bence Sólyom and daughter(s) name was Beáta Sólyom.

László Sólyom Net worth & Luxury:

The most valuable thing, which you must need to know the László Sólyom Net Worth & Luxury information. According to our analysis, Wikipedia, Forbes & Business Insider: The Net Worth of László Sólyom was around 1 to 3 Million US dollars. Check the below table for more details about His Luxury information.


President of Hungary

In office

5 August 2005 – 5 August 2010

Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány

Gordon Bajnai

Viktor Orbán

Preceded by Ferenc Mádl

Succeeded by Pál Schmitt

President of the Constitutional Court

In office

1 August 1990 – 24 November 1998

Preceded by Position established

Succeeded by János Németh

Presidential election

He was nominated by the environmentalist civil organisation Védegylet, including notable public figures from both the left and the right wing. As the Constitution of Hungary specifies, the president is elected by the Parliament of Hungary, so he had to acquire the support of parliamentary parties. The opposition parties, Fidesz and Hungarian Democratic Forum, also endorsed him to become President of Hungary. However, if the governing parties had been united in support of the Hungarian Socialist Party candidate, Katalin Szili, Sólyom would not have secured enough votes to take the presidency; but because Szili was not acceptable to the Alliance of Free Democrats, the smaller party in the governing coalition, they abstained from voting, and Sólyom's election was secured.

The three pillars of the presidency of László Sólyom

Maintaining the values of the rule of law in Hungary

Expressing distinctive responsibility for the ethnic Hungarian minority groups living abroad in the neighboring countries of Hungary

Calling the Hungarian and the international public's attention to environmental and ecological issues, such as the importance of biodiversity or the risks of climate change

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  • Hungary: Grand Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Hungary (1999)
  • Germany: Grand Cross with Star and Sash of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany (1998)
  • Estonia: Grand Cross of the Order of the Cross of Terra Mariana (27 March 2006)
  • Latvia: Grand Cross of the Order of the Three Stars (31 August 2006)
  • Lithuania: Grand Cross with Chain of the Order of Vytautas the Great (31 August 2006)
  • Finland: Grand Cross with Collar of the Order of the White Rose of Finland (2006)
  • Spain: Knight of the Collar of the Order of Isabella the Catholic (25 May 2007)
  • Malta: Grand Cross with Chain of the National Order of Merit (31 May 2007)
  • Algeria: Grand Cross of the National Order of Merit (2 June 2007)
  • Kazakhstan: First Class of the Order of Friendship (23 November 2007)
  • Ukraine: Grand Cross with Chain of the Order of Prince Yaroslav the Wise (7 July 2008)
  • Peru: Grand Cross with Diamonds of the Order of the Sun of Peru (24 September 2008)


What was the profession of László Sólyom?

His profession was Politician, Lawyer, Librarian.

Where was László Sólyom Born?

He was born in Pécs, Hungary.

What was the Date of Death of László Sólyom?

The date of death was 08 October, 2023 (Sunday) of László Sólyom.

What was the death of cause of László Sólyom?

László Sólyom death of cause was after a long illness.

What was the Date of Birth of László Sólyom?

The date of birth was 03 January, 1942 (Saturday) of László Sólyom.

Who are parents of László Sólyom?

His parents are Ferenc Sólyom & Aranka Lelkes

Who was wife of László Sólyom?

His wife name was Erzsébet Sólyom.

Who are childrens of László Sólyom?

His childrens are Bence Sólyom & Beáta Sólyom

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