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Lou Deprijck was a Belgian singer and record producer. He was a major figure in the Belgian pop scene of the 1970s and 1980s, with more than 20 million copies of his compositions sold worldwide, making him one of the best selling Belgian artists. Deprijck is best known for having co-written with Yves Lacomblez, and for having de facto sung, the Plastic Bertrand 1978 song "Ça plane pour moi".

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How old was Lou Deprijck?

He was 77 years 8 Month(s) 8 day(s) old.

Lou Deprijck Biography and Wiki:

He was a professional Belgian Singer, Record producer, Composer. His nickname was Deprijck. Do you know? What was the Date of birth of Lou Deprijck? Where was born Lou Deprijck? He was born in Lessines, Belgium on 11 January, 1946 (Friday) . When die Lou Deprijck? Where die Lou Deprijck? How died Lou Deprijck? He died at Brussels, Belgium on 19 September, 2023 (Tuesday) for health problems. but don't share what was problem. Everybody want to know that how much age of Lou Deprijck? Age of Lou Deprijck was 77 years 8 Month(s) 8 day(s) old. Every person searched that what is the Country, Nationality and Continent of Lou Deprijck? His Country name was Belgium, Nationality was Belgian and Europe Continent. Always came question from mind that What religion does Lou Deprijck belong to? He belong to Spiritual Religion.

Lou Deprijck Family & Relationship status:

As a Celebrity, many people search on google for His family information. So If you need to know marital status of Lou Deprijck, He was divorced . His wife name was Katy Perry.

Lou Deprijck Net worth & Luxury:

The most valuable thing, which you must need to know the Lou Deprijck Net Worth & Luxury information. According to our analysis, Wikipedia, Forbes & Business Insider: The Net Worth of Lou Deprijck was around 5 to 10 Million US dollars. Check the below table for more details about His Luxury information.

Music career

Early work and Two Man Sound

His first group Pop' Liberty 6 had a complete flop in 1967 with "Je Suis Pop Et Tout À Fait Dingue". However he later found success with Two Man Sound, a Latin-pop outfit formed with Sylvain Vanholme of the Wallace Collection and Yvan Lacomblez. Two Man Sound sold over a million copies of their 1975 single "Charlie Brown" while the album Disco Samba, with the eponymous song, had sales of around 1.4 million copies in Latin America.

He also had a major 1978 solo success in France and Belgium with ska/reggae song "Kingston, Kingston", under the moniker Lou & The Hollywood Bananas.

Plastic Bertrand and Viktor Lazlo

In the English-speaking world, Deprijck's best known hit was "Ça plane pour moi", which he recorded and sang for Plastic Bertrand, who remains generally credited for the song (and was upheld legally in 2006 as being entitled to be called its artist). In fact, Deprijck was also the "voice" of Plastic Bertrand's first four albums. In 2006, a Belgian appeal court ruled that Bertrand was the "legal performer" of the classic track, but the ruling was overturned in 2010.

In the 1980s, Deprijck was also the creative force behind the success of Viktor Lazlo, born Sonia Dronier, whom he met at Le Mirano nightclub in Brussels.[11] She initially did backing vocals for Lou & the Hollywood Bananas before taking the name Viktor Lazlo from a character in the 1942 film Casablanca at Deprijck's suggestion. He produced the self-titled album Viktor Lazlo in 1987 for her, as well as the album Hot & Soul in 1989.

In 1984, calling himself Lou Van Houten, Deprijck released the album Collures with Boris Bergman under the pseudonym Les Epatants.

Later life in Thailand

He resided largely near Pattaya, Thailand. The story of his life in Thailand was shown in the VTM TV channel documentary Vlamingen in Pattaya (Flemings in Pattaya) as part of the Belgian news program Telefacts. Life in Pattaya inspired him to rewrite the text of his most famous song "Kingston, Kingston" into "Pattaya, Pattaya", which soon became the unofficial hymn of Pattaya.


What was the profession of Lou Deprijck?

His profession was Singer, Record producer, Composer.

What was the real name of Lou Deprijck?

His real name was Francis Deprijck.

Where was Lou Deprijck Born?

He was born in Lessines, Belgium.

What was the Date of Death of Lou Deprijck?

The date of death was 19 September, 2023 (Tuesday) of Lou Deprijck.

What was the death of cause of Lou Deprijck?

Lou Deprijck death of cause was health problems. but don't share what was problem.

What was the Date of Birth of Lou Deprijck?

The date of birth was 11 January, 1946 (Friday) of Lou Deprijck.

Who was wife of Lou Deprijck?

His wife name was Katy Perry.

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