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Tanzir Islam Britto is a Professional Physician, Medical Research enthusiast and engaged social media activist. His journey in the field of medicine began at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical College (BSMMC), formerly known as Faridpur Medical College, where he started my Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS), which he has completed at Shahabuddin Medical College(SMC). Following his degree, he interned at Dhaka Medical College (DMC), which solidified my practical medical skills and passion for this noble profession. He then pursued post-graduate training in Medicine at DMC, continuing to expand my medical knowledge and expertise. He also received specialised training in Endocrinology from the prestigious Bangladesh Institute of Research and Rehabilitation in Diabetes, Endocrine, and Metabolic Disorders (BIRDEM). He got accepted as a resident in nephrology at Chittagong Medical College Hospital. Due to personal reasons, he decided not to continue my residency there. Today, he is in the migration process at the National Institute of Kidney Diseases & Urology (NIKDU) to work diligently and nurture a dream to specialise in Nephrology. He also serve patients at a kidney hospital, a fulfilling experience that adds to my daily medical practice. His education began at Bangladesh Bank High School, where he completed my Secondary School Certificate (SSC). He attended my middle school at Bombay Scottish School in Mumbai. He completed my Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) from Ideal School and College.

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How old is Tanzir Islam Britto?

He is 34 years 5 Month(s) 24 day(s) old.

How tall is Tanzir Islam Britto?

He is In feet: 5 feet 8 inch, In meter: 1.727m, In centimeter: 172.72cm and In inch: 68 inches tall.

Tanzir Islam Britto Biography and Wiki:

He is a professional Bangladeshi Physician, Medical Research enthusiast. His nickname is Sedative Hypnotics. Do you know? What is the Date of birth of Tanzir Islam Britto? Where was born Tanzir Islam Britto? He was born in Chittagong, Bangladesh on 01 January, 1990 (Monday) . Everybody want to know that how much age of Tanzir Islam Britto? Age of Tanzir Islam Britto is 34 years 5 Month(s) 24 day(s) old. Every person searched that what is the Country, Nationality and Continent of Tanzir Islam Britto? His Country name is Bangladesh, Nationality is Bangladeshi and Asia Continent. Always came question from mind that What religion does Tanzir Islam Britto belong to? He belong to Islam Religion.

Tanzir Islam Britto Height , Weight and Physical Stats:

Do you want to know about Physical Stats of Tanzir Islam Britto? Then here is the right information for you. The Height of Tanzir Islam Britto is In feet: 5 feet 8 inch, In meter: 1.727m, In centimeter: 172.72cm and In inch: 68 inches & Weight is 72 Kg. Also His eye color is Black. & hair color is Black.

Tanzir Islam Britto Education:

Most of the people search on google for Where studied Tanzir Islam Britto? Tanzir Islam Britto studied from school- Bombay Scottish School, Mumbai, India; college- Ideal School and College ; universitiy- Faridpur Medical College, SMC, Dhaka Medical College. What is Educational Qualification of Tanzir Islam Britto? So for your kind information, His Educational Qualification is completed MBBS(DU), MD (Phase-A)(CMC), PGT(DMC), CCD (BIRDEM).

Tanzir Islam Britto Family & Relationship status:

As a Celebrity, many people search on google for His family information. So His father name is GM, Bangladesh Bank & mother name is SP (Voluntary Retirement.). Also Tanzir Islam Britto brother(s) name is Dead If you need to know marital status of Tanzir Islam Britto, He is unmarried .

Tanzir Islam Britto Net worth & Luxury:

The most valuable thing, which you must need to know the Tanzir Islam Britto Net Worth & Luxury information. According to our analysis, Wikipedia, Forbes & Business Insider: The Net Worth of Tanzir Islam Britto is around Bangladeshi money 8.3 Crore that means 0.83 Million US dollars. Check the below table for more details about His Luxury information.


Beyond his medical career, he enjoy watching web series, movies, and documentaries. He is an avid reader, with medical textbooks like 'Davidson's Principles and Practice of Medicine,' 'Robbins Basic Pathology,' and 'Guyton and Hall Textbook of Medical Physiology currently at the top of my reading list. He has written extensively for various online and offline publications, including Jugantor, Bangladesh Pratidin, eArki, Sarabangla.net, and, occasionally, Prothom Alo. His blogging journey began on somewhereinblog.com in 2006–2007.

His activism isn't just confined to writing. He has participated in numerous protests and movements, using my voice to champion causes that matter. He was a critical player in the Shahbag Protest 2013; He called for justice and asked people to come to the Shahbag and protest. The results were an integral history for Bangladesh: the 2013 Shahbag protests, a grassroots movement in Bangladesh demanding justice for war crimes. However, he eventually left the action when it veered away from its original purpose and became more of a business organisation. He saw people who had never written a word suddenly becoming leaders of BOAN and aspiring to form a party, participate in elections, and obtain funds. This shift was not in line with my initial reason for joining the movement, and it pained me to see the Shahbag Square, a concept close to my heart, being exploited as a business opportunity.

Besides the 2013 Shahbag protests, he was actively involved in the MISSED Call Alert, a movement against the extra charges levied by mobile network companies on internet usage. Another significant protest was the 'Tin Morol er Biruddhe Protibad' in 2014. It protested against the Australian, Indian, and English cricket boards' attempts to exclude Bangladesh from playing Test cricket. After my experiences with these movements, He chose to take a hiatus from the online world for four years. He decided to focus on building my career, and today, he is a satisfied doctor.

He has always loved reflecting and thinking. This passion has led to my website, 'Brrittos Brainwaves,' where I share my thoughts. To know more about me or my work, you can always Google my name - Tanzir Islam Britto.

Research article: A Systematic Review on Childhood Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma: An Overlooked Phenomenon in the Health and Research Sector of Bangladesh [ DOI: 10.7759/cureus.45937 ]

Research Link: https://www.cureus.com 


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All the books:

  • Medical Journals of Tanzir Islam Britto 
  • Renal Reflections: Exploring the Marvels of Nephrology: The Intricate Ballet of Kidney Functions Unveiled
  • Heart Matters: A Comprehensive Guide to Cardiology: Journey through the Pulsating Labyrinths of the Heart
  • Viral Vistas: Insights into Infectious Diseases: The Invisible War: Decoding the Game of Hide and Seek with Pathogens
  • Cell Wars: The Dynamics of Oncology: Battlefield Micro: The Epic Struggle Against Cancer
  • Pharmacology- The Molecular Dance: Understanding Drug Interactions: Harmony and Chaos: The Symphony of Drug Interactions
  • Immunology Unveiled: A Comprehensive Journey through the Human Immune System: Guardians of the Body: The Unseen Heroes of Immunity
  • Ventilating Vitality: The Role of Respiratory Medicine: The Art of Breathing: Secrets from the Oxygen Highway
  • Endocrine Equilibrium: Navigating the Hormonal Seas: Navigating the Whispers of Hormones: A Delicate Dance of Balance
  • Beating with Precision: The Science of Cardiology: Understand the Intricacies of the Human Heart
  • The Mental Mirror: Reflections on Psychiatry: Beyond the Looking Glass: The Enigmatic Odyssey of the Mind

Award: Covid Physician Bravery Award ( First Responder)

Voluntary works: Advisor and Public Relations of B-SCAN ( Left)

Tanzir Islam Britto Favorite Things:

Some of people want to know about Tanzir Islam Britto's' hobbies and favorite things. Tanzir Islam Britto's' hobbies is Watching Documentaries, Web Series, a Few Research articles, reading & also favourite foods is He forgets to eat; sometimes, he eats three days after Hospital Duty. Finally Tanzir Islam Britto favourite colors is Black.

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What is the profession of Tanzir Islam Britto?

His profession is Physician, Medical Research enthusiast.

Where was Tanzir Islam Britto Born?

He was born in Chittagong, Bangladesh.

What is the Date of Birth of Tanzir Islam Britto?

The date of birth is 01 January, 1990 (Monday) of Tanzir Islam Britto.

Who are parents of Tanzir Islam Britto?

His parents are GM, Bangladesh Bank & SP (Voluntary Retirement.)

Who are siblings of Tanzir Islam Britto?

His siblings are Dead